Terri Roher



Terri Terri Ann, what's the plan
We've got a shipping quota

Terri Terri Ann, I know you can
Drive up to Minnesota

Come on Terri Ann, it's no sedan
That's why you've got the storage

Go on fill the car, with those jars
And the berries you will forage

You know we've got the Brimson market soon so Terri Ann
Be ready with your snacks
Bake those racks!

And Terri Ann if you sell out you're gonna have yourself
Some profit back!

Terri Terri Ann, on the lam
In your red four-wheeler

Terri Terri Ann, I'm your fan
For waiting out that dealer


Lyrics: Jordan Roher
Vocals: Lily Rehrmann, Jordan Roher


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